This is an emergency
– your face is deflating!

After 50 years old, how much hyaluronic acid will you have left? 50%
Novexpert Booster Serum contains 100% pure and natural Hyaluronic Acid that provides express re-plumping, moisturization and smoothing effect on any skin types. A single bottle contains the equivalent of 20 injections of hyaluronic acid.

How to get your main dose of Vitamin C
for a more radiant and healthy glow.

Above all other Vitamins, Vitamin C is the most abundant Vitamin we have in our bodies. It is the most concentrated in our skin. Vitamin C is a shield against all daily attacks our skin has to address.





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Developed in laboratory

Novexpert has been engaged in green cosmetics for more than 20 years. We decided way back then that we would develop skincare with “clean” biodegradable formulas. Now we are specialists in the use of natural components created with the help of biotechnologies, instead of synthetic ones.

Magnesium Range

Did you know your skin and brain are directly connected. When you have the blues, your skin suffers. Magnesium is truly calming and soothing epidermal sensors directly connected to the brain.

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