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Our story

Novexpert was founded by researchers and doctors specialising in skin aging. The formulations they designed – and which bear their signatures – were inspired by recent advances in anti-aging medicine.

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    Cyrille Telinge

Our Laboratories

Our products are different, and so is our company.

Our research centre in the heart of Chevreuse Valley employs internationally renowned experts who work in a relaxed, supportive environment – with employee profit-sharing, meetings held outdoors, and a policy of openness to all ideas.

These researchers come from such diverse fields as skin biology, phytotherapy, green chemistry and dermatology, and they share the goal of providing you with unprecedented skincare products of uncompromised quality.



Novexpert skincare products showcase the commitment of their researchers, who want to reduce the ubiquity of synthetically derived active ingredients0% preservatives, 0% parabens, 0% phenoxyethanol, 0% EDTA, 0% PEG, 0% BHT-BHA…


Against the tide of popular trends, Novexpert was one of the first brands to eliminate all classes of preservatives – not just parabens.


Sensitive skin has become the norm: nearly 60% of women are likely to develop skin sensitivity. Yesterday’s formulas are no longer suited to today’s needs. High tolerance is now an essential requirement.


Novexpert formulas are hypoallergenic and contain free from fragrance allergens*. *Declarable allergens according to the European regulation


Scientists are sure. Skin that is less sensitive is more resistant to aging. Our high-tolerance formulas are therefore the most effective options for anti-aging.


Inspired by research in anti-aging medicine, Novexpert skincare is your key solution to preventing aging. Our specialised formulas provide proven results: up to 45% decrease in wrinkles after the first month. Anti-wrinkle effectiveness has been demonstrated on over 95% of volunteers.


Do you check the composition of your cosmetics? Do you demand to know the origin of the products before you buy them?


Novaxyline is a complex patented by Novexpert. This innovation is based on ultra-effective seaweed, capable of protecting itself from extreme temperatures, salt stress and UV rays. A unique “cellular guardian” that brings about a 70% reduction is one of the main causes of ageing known as ‘oxidative stress’.

500 KG !

In your lifetime, you will apply more than 500kg of cosmetics to your skin – your most unique asset. Just like the ingredients in the food you eat, you have a right to know those in the cosmetics you apply to your skin.


Natural or non-natural? Novexpert displays the percentage of naturally derived components in its formulations on all packaging.

95 to 100% of ingredients are plant-based or derived from green biotechnology. 100% of Novexpert skincare is formulated and manufactured in France.


Would you like more information? Access the worldwide database of cosmetic ingredients at EWG: an independent organization whose website reveals data on over 3 million compounds studied by scientists.


  • Novexpert formulas do not contain phytohormones nor estrogen-like substances. From a biological point of view, there are no contraindications. Just like any dermatological treatment, cosmeceuticals by Novexpert are not gender specific.

  • The Novexpert formulation policy is one of the strictest in the world – excluding vitamin A, endocrine disruptors, and more besides. Because of this, there are no contraindications for pregnant women (except for products which contain essential oils). Novexpert conducts no testing on pregnant women, we support the ethical standards of our scientific committee, and guarantee total safety for all pregnant women.

  • Yes, Novexpert excludes all 26 fragrance allergens which, according to European regulations*, must be declared on product packaging when present.
    These are: amyl cinnamal, benzyl alcohol, cinamyl alcohol, citral, eugenol, hydroxycitronellal, isoeugenol, amylcinnamyl alcohol, benzyl salicylate, cinnamal, coumarin, geraniol, hydroxyisohexyl 3-cyclohexene carboxaldehyde, anise alcohol, benzyl cinnamate, farnesol, butylphenyl methylpropional, linalool, benzyl benzoate, citronellol, hexyl cinnamal, limonene, methyl 2-octynoate, alpha isomethyl ionone, evernia prunastri extract, evernia furfuracea extract.
    *regulation (ec) no. 648/2004 and 907/2006.

  • This claim has been validated by an independent toxicological expert given that our formulas have met two conditions:
    – we have performed a series of tests under dermatological supervision, the results of which have demonstrated that our formulas have very little or no allergenicity at all.
    – we have excluded the 26 allergens officially listed by European regulations.
    In short, the word hypoallergenic means that the formula was developed to reduce the risk of allergies.

  • Novexpert skincare is safe to use for 6 months after opening. Due to its high concentration of plant extracts and biotechnological molecules, it is advisable to avoid exposing Novexpert to temperatures above 35° Celsius. *No parabens are used in the products.

  • This term is the contraction of two words – cosmetics and pharmaceuticals – defining a more scientifically inspired type of cosmetics, with more advanced and concentrated formulas. In other words, cosmeceuticals are treatments in which effectiveness, rather than well-being, is the ultimate goal. Novexpert clearly positions itself as a “cosmeceutical” brand.

  • NOV = New. EXPERT = Expert because the majority of the Novexpert founders are doctors who develop the formulas and manage the company.
    The NEW EXPERTS = those who refuse to remain neutral and stand up for a new approach to cosmetics: high-tech formulas with biodegradable ingredients.

  • The Novexpert brand was founded on the basis of three requirements demanded by today’s knowledgeable consumers:
    1) formulations that use cutting-edge advances in anti-aging medicine – whatever the cost.
    2) the need to develop formulas for increasingly sensitive skin.
    3) an ethically-driven long-term promise of non-toxicity.
    Novexpert aims to marry progress and safety with ultra-effectiveness and high tolerance.

  • The brand, created by Cyrille Telinge and his ‘dream team’ of doctors specialized in skin aging, was launched in March 2008, in France. However, the Novexpert team had been working for nearly 20 years at the head of an independent research laboratory known for its expertise in formulation and anti-aging technology.

  •  Butylene glycol is a humectant; it maintains the water content of a cosmetic product in its packaging as well as on the skin. At Novexpert, technology must be clean. Consequently, our butylene glycol is of plant origin: obtained through biotechnology, it comes from sugar cane and is 100% natural. This ingredient has been validated by ECOCERT and COSMOS (eco-friendly cosmetic certification bodies in France). Butylene glycol is not part of the glycol ether family.
  • The glycerin used by Novexpert is 100% natural and made from a complex of plant oils (cocoa, rapeseed, and others).

  • Hyaluronic acid is a complex sugar that belongs to the GAGs
    (glycosaminoglycans) family. It resembles a transparent and viscous gel. Hyaluronic acid is found in the eyes, joints, placenta, skin and elsewhere.
    Despite its name, it is a very “gentle” chemical, which promotes “plumpness”. By the age of 50, the skin has lost nearly 50% of this precious compound.
    The hyaluronic acid used by Novexpert is derived from biotechnology. Specifically, we use bacteria (lactic ferments) that produce an ultra-pure variety of hyaluronic acid – 100% biodegradable and food-grade, its method of production creates no pollution, requires little energy and is indefinitely renewable.

  • Our specifications are very similar to the requirements imposed on organic products and some of our formulas could be ECOCERT certified. We do not seek organic certification because we want to be free to incorporate high-technology formulas which, while being very safe and 100% biodegradable, are still of synthetic origin. For example, stabilized vitamin C and glycolic acid, ingredients that are not 100% natural, are listed on our packaging together with their percentages. On average, the proportion of natural origin ingredients in our formulations exceeds 95% (a figure verified by a German certification body).

  • – What is biotechnology? To give an example, yoghurt is a biotechnological product as it is created from lactic ferments. Other examples include bread, beer, vinegar and cheese.
    – What does biotechnology use? Living organisms: micro-organisms such as bacteria, enzymes, and yeast. What could be more natural?
    – What is the Novexpert difference? Our research centre is a cutting-edge laboratory in the field of cosmetics. We have used biotechnology for many years as it is a clean (non-pollution generating) and very healthy technology (biodegradable and bio-aware).
    – What proof do we have for that claim? To give one example, Novexpert skincare contains pure hyaluronic acid made from lactic ferments and wheat! Progress and safety are not necessarily incompatible…

  • Novaxyline is a complex patented by the Novexpert laboratories that combines a brown algae extract with a complex sugar (polysaccharide). This “algae-sugar” complex is found in nearly all Novexpert products. It brings astounding benefits to the skin: reducing by nearly 70% one of the leading causes of aging (cellular oxidation) and activating a specific gene recognized for its anti-aging protective properties. This innovation has helped the Novexpert brand reap 18 awards and counting!

  • Each day, you apply nearly 500 chemicals to your face. Over your lifetime, your skin will have absorbed more than 100kg (220 lbs). Several scientific publications have shown that skincare products penetrate deep into the skin and that our bodies “stock” the chemicals contained in them, the health consequences of which are still unknown. Because of this, Novexpert chooses biodegradable active ingredients, most of which are either of plant or biotechnological origin. Effectiveness is also evaluated in the long term. Results today should not come with a heavy price tomorrow.

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