This high-performance booster serum delivers antioxidant, anti-inflammatory Vitamin C to the skin, fighting sun damage, increasing luminosity and stimulates natural collagen for a visibly firmer, more radiant and more youthful appearance.

What is unique?
The Novexpert Booster Serum with Vitamin C uses the best and has the highest concentration of stabilized vitamin C in the world. Its Vitamin C consists of two types of stabilized Vitamin C in a single serum:
1. Japanese Vitamin C classified as a “dermatologic semi-drug” in Asia
2. French Vitamin C grafted to organic silicium

EXTREMELY HIGH CONCENTRATION: 25% of stabilized Vitamin C
INCREDIBLE STABILITY: It lasts several months after opening and has a higher stability rate of 97% compared to other conventional Vitamin C which stability’s rate is only 60%.
HIGH TOLERANCE: Physiological pH and hypoallergenic

THE star vitamin, 200 times more concentrated in the skin than the vitamin A, 40 times more present than the vitamin E, the Vitamin C is probably one of the essential elements for our skin health.
It is a real shield that stops daily attacks: Vitamin C is antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-redness, hypoallergenic…

All you need is a small amount (5p size) then spread the Booster on the face. This Booster can be applied in the morning and/or at night alone without other care after or before your day/night cream. You can apply it right after your make-up!
Scientific studies are positive! Vitamin C can be applied to the skin before, during and after sun exposure! It reduces sunburns, UV oxidization and compensates cutaneous Vitamin C destruction by the sun. For a sun exposure lasting more than 20 minutes a day, a non-chemical SPF is strongly advised.





Japanese antioxidant stabilized Vitamin C
French stabilized Vitamin C (greffed to silicium)
Phytic acid
Novaxyline (Novexpert patent)
Ellagic acid
Vitamin E
Beta-carotene / pro-vitamin A

Japanese stabilized Vitamin C
French stabilized Vitamin C (greffed to silicium)
Novaxyline (Novexpert patent)
Adenosine (amino acid)

Japanese stabilized Vitamin C (Anti-hyperpigmentation)
Bioflavonoid (Stimulate micro-circulation)
Lactic Acid (Micro-peeling)
Natural blurry wrinkles (mica) (Shades due to wrinkles reducer)

Glycerin 100% of plants (Moisturizing)
Pilodic Acid (PCA) (Moisturizing)
Polysaccharide (Moisturizing)
Acide hyaluronique (high molecular weight) (Moisturizing & lifting)