The World’s Highest concentration of Hyaluronic Acid now available here!
Perfect for all skin types, for every season.Novexpert’s Booster Serum is the best daily beauty regime anyone can ever ask for! This ultra-concentrated Booster Serum contains 100% pure and natural Hyaluronic Acid (H.A) that provides express repulp,  moisturization and smoothing effect on any skin types.
A single bottle contains the equivalent of 20 injections of H.A!3D Effect: The Booster Serum is made of 4 different sizes of H.A to penetrate all surfaces of the skin to plump and smooth skin from the inside out!

Best suited for both men and women with dehydrated skin, before/after lipofilling, tired skin, oily skin looking for an “oil-free” anti-aging care, stressed-out or sagging skin,  scar healing or anyone who wants to have smoothened skin.
For men: anti-aging aftershave, oily skins, humid climate.

Expert Advice: Apply everyday 2 to 6 drops of the Booster Serum Booster to counterbalance the hyaluronic acid loss, the real mattress of the skin. Spread this serum on the face. Apply in the morning and/ or the evening.
This Booster Serum can be applied alone without any other care, or before applying your cream. Do not wait for the application and the make-up. Does not fluff.




An active ingredient which stimulates your own hyaluronic acid-
-Epidermis: +24%* of hyaluronic acid synthesis in your epidermis.
– Dermis: +20%* of hyaluronic acid synthesis in your dermis.
* In vitro study

A highly concentrated care in hyaluronic acid (H.A), star molecule of anti-aging

Anti-aging active ingredient in surface
H.A Non fragmented*

H.A Fragmented*

Anti-aging active ingredient in depth
H.A very fragmented*

H.A micro fragmented*
Collagen booster

Other active ingredients
Aloe vera gel
Pidolic acid (PCA SODIUM)
Arginin (amino acid)
100% Vegetable glycerin

* Fragmentation consists in reducing the molecular weight of hyaluronic acid to improve its penetration into the epidermis.


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