Novexpert Omega Booster Serum is an effective moisturising and nourishing serum for the face. Intense nutrition care – the anti-aging cocktail contains active vitamins and Omega oils 3,6,7 & 9.
The omega-oil-based serum is absorbed immediately, leaving the skin velvety and deeply moisturise.

It is by discovering the effects of vegetable oils with omegas on the atopic skin of her daughter that Dr Rossella decided to formulate this Booster Serum for every dry or weakened skin.
In Germany, psoriasis is even treated by omegas drip by intravenous. And the results are spectacular…
Age and skin types: from 20 years old – unisex, all skin types except oily skin
Dermatological profiles: Dilapidated skins (genetic dryness), irritated skins (seasonal dryness=winter) and atopic skin. For People over 50 years old (dryness caused by menopause)

Lifestyles: people who are exposed under the sun, air conditioning and dry climate. Also for a long-haul flight.

Expert Advice: Apply everyday 2 to 5 drops of the Booster Serum Booster to intensely nourish your skin. Spread this serum on the face. Apply in the morning and/or the evening. This Booster Serum can be applied alone without any other care or before applying your cream.

To boost skin nutrition, you can use it before :
==> a moisturizing mask
==> a moisturizing face cream
==> a moisturizing hand cream
==> a body milk anti-stretch marks (Ok for pregnant)
==> an after-sun care



The care which contains anti-aging action with 5 omegas:

Anti-aging action: Stimulates the hyaluronic acid + collagen: Brown algae

Anti-free radicals
– Vitamin E
– Rosemary extracts

Nutrition action: Nourishing & antioxidant & anti-aging:
– Organic Pomegranate seed oil (Vitamin E + omegas 3,5,6,9)
– Sea buckthorn oil (Vitamin A,C,E + omegas 3,6,7,9)

Nourishing & antioxidant: Organic sesame oil (Vitamin E + omegas 3,6,9)

Nourishing & soothing:
– Camelina oil (Vitamin E + omegas 3,6,9)
– Organic sacha inchi oil (Vitamin E + omegas 3,6,9)

Nourishing: Sunflower oil (omegas 6,9)

Protector & elastin booster & antioxidant: Marula oil (Vitamin C + omegas 3,6,7,9)

Protector & elastine booster: Organic jojoba wax (omegas 7,9)

Soothing: Organic bisabolol


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