This light, refreshing and deeply hydrating mist is infused with hyaluronic acid to boost collagen and to help moisturize. The anti-aging toning mist also reinforces skin’s protective barrier against water loss and pollution (heavy metals), protects skin’s flora and is oxygenating. Supportive nourishing ingredients prepare skin for the optimal benefits of serum and moisturizer application. This ultra techno spray micro diffuses its content, saving you 50% of the product and supplying more than 650 sprays in one bottle.

3 in 1 care:
Toner (after cleansing)
Makeup setting spray (after make-up)
Physiologic water (all day long)
Moisturizing booster (before your cream or mask)
Skin pH – oil-free formula

Expert Advice: Keep 30 cm away from the face, close eyes and spray 2 or 3 times in a circular way to cover all the face. Leave for 10 seconds and gently pat dry. Use morning, evening and all day long, without moderation!
After removing makeup, cleansing, before a care, to fix makeup and to refresh and soothe.




Hyaluronic acid (low weight) – Collagen booster
Amino acid (adenosin) – Anti-aging & soothing
Monosaccharide (biotech sugar) -Anti-wrinkles
Phytic acid – Anti-free radicals

Monosaccharide (biotech sugar) – Oxygenating
Phytic acid -Metals catcher

Hyaluronic acid (low weight) -Moisturizing
Probiotic -Flora protective
100% vegetal glycerin -Moisturizing
Aloe vera gel – Soothing


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