The Expert Anti-Aging Fluid – Intensive anti-age skin renewal – Softer skin in 2 days
With the lightweight fluid leaves, the skin is nourished and hydrated whilst targeting the deficiencies that lead to premature aging. The lasting results are an improved skin tone, reduction in the appearance of lines and wrinkles and increased collagen production. The Expert Anti-Aging Fluid provides nourishing and refreshing ingredients such as Aloe Vera Gel, Shea Butter, Evening Primrose Oil and many more. The lightweight yet, rich formula is loaded with light reflecting, antioxidant ingredients that give immediate radiance and leave complexion flawless and even.

The Expert Anti-Aging Fluid renews skin and provides softer skin in 2 days,  radiant complexion in 7 days and smoother skin in 28 days
Best suited for men and women with hypersensitive skin, skin often exposed to the sun (photoaging) or air-conditioning.

Expert Advice: Apply small dabs on the entire face and massage into skin, using upward circular strokes. Renew application morning and/or night. Only a small amount of product is needed. Before make-up, let it penetrate your skin for 5 minutes.




Novaxyline algae (patented)
Anti-free radicals
Genetic sirtuins stimulation

Amino acid grafted on plant base:
Stem cells protection
Cell rejuvenation

Vitamin E complex: Anti-free radicals
Everlasting flower plant cells: Stimulates collagens I, III, IV, VII
Colored soft focus pigments: Radiance

Fragmented hyaluronic acid: In-depth repulp action

Shea butter – Nourishing
Evening primrose oil – Nourishing
Macadamia oil – Nourishing
Trehalose – Nourishing
Polysaccharide  – Moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid – Smoothing & Moisturizing
Plant glycerin -Moisturizing
Aloe vera gel- Soothing
Pomegranate extract – Anti-free radicals & Radiance
Tea extract – Anti-free radicals
Everlasting flower extract -Anti-free radicals
Broccoli extract-Photoaging protection
Milk thistle extract – Photoaging protection


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