Beauty sleep takes on a new meaning with the Peeling Night Cream!
The Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program with renovated 3D peeling cream boosted by hyaluronic acid with an ultra-silky texture. Simply apply the peeling cream before bed and wake up to an incredibly soft, refined, smooth skin!
With the trio-peeling technology boosted by Papaya Extract, Glycolic Acid and Arginine, you can now wake up to a brighter, stunning “new skin”.

Novexpert research offers to go deeper into night renewal treatments.

==> Fast peeling with papaya extract and glycolic AHA
==> Progressive peeling with PHA and AHC.

3D PEELING to act on all skin layers
==> On surface peeling with PHA and papaya extract
==> In-depth peeling with AHC and AHA glycolic AHA.
PHA*: very soft fruits acid also called gluconolactone.
AHC*: lactic acid grafted onto arginine for a progressive release.

Powerful Stages of new skin:
– Reduces Hyperpigmentation with PHA, AHA & Papaya
– Boost Radiance
– Rejuvenates Skin

Expert Advice:  Apply a small amount to the entire thoroughly cleansed face, avoiding the eye contour sides of the nose. Massage into skin, using circular upward strokes.
Frequency of Use:
1) Use every evening as an intensive 1-month treatment
2) Every other evening as an intensive 2 to 3 months treatment
Peeling Night Cream is a powerful skin renewal program, we recommend that you discontinue use for 1 month minimum between each intensive treatment.

Precaution – For Sensitive / Reactive skin: Avoid the eye contour and mucous membranes. Do not apply Peeling Night Cream immediately after Expert Exfoliator. We recommend you to wait for 12 hours between using the 2 products. In case of sun exposure, avoid using Night Peeling Cream. After intensive or prolonged (several days) sun exposure, do not apply Night Peeling Cream for 2 weeks.



Novaxyline algae (patented):
– Anti-inflammatory
– Anti-free radicals
– Genetic sirtuins stimulationREPULP ACTION
Hyaluronic acid: – Repulp / Moisture on surfacePEELING ACTION
Polyhydroxy acid (gluconolacton): – Exfoliation on surface – Chrono liberation: progressive
Grafted lactic acid: – Semi-deep exfoliation – Chrono liberation: progressive
Glycolic acid: – Deep exfoliation – Chrono liberation: fast
Papaya extract: – Exfoliation on surface – Chrono liberation: fastOTHER ACTIONS 
Vegetal glycerin:- Moisturizing
Jojoba oil:- Nourishing
Shea butter:- Nourishing
Vitamin E: – Anti-free radicals