Novexpert Magnesium Hydro-Biotic Velvety Cream is the perfect solution if your skin is sensitive and you experience dry to very dry skin.  In just one formula there is nourishing Omega 3 and moisturizing hyaluronic acid as well as probiotics and magnesium. The cream is suitable for all skins who suffer from extreme sensitivity and dryness.

In just over formula combines nourishing Omega 3 and moisturizing hyaluronic acid to the skin as well as protect the probiotics and magnesium.

Triple effect care:

Hydro= Hydro-lipidic layer restored
-Fixes water in the stratum corneum
-Decreases epidermal water losses
-Stimulates the cutaneous lipidic synthesis

Biotic: = Cutaneous Flora restored       
-Restores your resident cutaneous flora
-Limits pathogenic bacteria

« Velvety  » care = Cutaneous sensitivity soothed
– Correct IMMUNE hypersensitivity
– Modulate NEURONAL hypersensitivity

Expert Advice: Apply small dabs to the entire face and massage into skin, using upward circular strokes. Reapply in the morning and/or the evening.
Only a small amount of product is needed. Leave it penetrate for 5 minutes before the make-up.



ANTI-AGING ACTION: Anti-free radicals, Longevity genes stimulation, Hyaluronic acid & collagen booster
Novaxyline algae (patent)
Vitamin E
Phytic acid

Vegetable glycerin
Sodium PCA
Sodium lactates

ANTI-DEHYDRATION ACTION: Maintaining of hydration
Hyaluronic acid (fragmented)

NUTRITION ACTION: Nutrition & reconstitution of HLF
Sunflower oil (omega 6)
Camelina oil (omega 3 & 6)

PRO FLORA ACTION: Resident skin flora reinforcement & Reduction of pathogenic bacteria
Prebiotic (oligosaccharide)
Hyaluronic acid (fragmented)
Probiotic (lactobacillus)

SOOTHING ACTION: anti-inflammatory, soothes the cutaneous nervous system
Gel of aloe vera
Novaxyline algae (patent)
Prebiotic (polysaccharide)


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