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Botox, peeling, cosmetic surgery, coach, diets without a tail or head … Hollywood stars compete for the imagination to stay beautiful and young! Yet, ageing in full health does not require so many methods of “torture”! Do you want to know the secret of immortality?

The whole world is jealous of the inhabitants of the Okinawa archipelago in Japan to live a centennial AND healthy life! For if genetics plays a role in ageing (at 30%), it is above all the environment (at 70%) the determining factor. On the menu: physical activity, fresh produce, fish, little meat. Clearly, a healthy lifestyle that you can all easily apply without being Japanese! *

Until then, nothing new in anti-ageing speech. Except that at Novexpert, we like the exclusive information and especially you make them share. Are you curious? Then read on!

There remains a secret that Novexpert will reveal to you: it is the family of sirtuin genes, known as “protective genes”, present in all our cells. Unfortunately, these genes are mostly asleep (except for the centenarians) but once activated, they slow down the ageing of our cells, thus a longevity action! So how to activate them? Eating less! A 30% decrease in our daily dietary intake causes their activation … and a little bit our appetite! **

Having a vision of positive life is also critical: those who have a positive mindset are three times less likely to developmental and physical disabilities than those who crush black in everyday life! *** And if old was that in the head?

Morality: less is more .. both in the head and on the plate!

Sources  : * Khaw K.-T., Wareham N., Bingham S., Welch A., Luben R., Day N. Combined impact of health behaviours and mortality in men and women: the Epic-Norfolk Prospective Population Study. PLOS Med 2008; 5: 39-46.

Evidence for a Common Mechanism of SIRT1 Regulation by Allosteric Activators (Thumbnail Fotolia)

** Canadian Medical Association Journal

The word of the expert: Less is more also for your skin because to make new skin useless to ruin you in cream and serum!

At Novexpert we adopt the “cutaneous diet” avoiding the layering i.e. superimposing serum, cream, eye contour … Do not hesitate also you sleep 2 nights a week naked skin, so let her rest! So care yes, but well chosen … and not too much!

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